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Safety / Our Safety Policy

Teck Construction LLP is committed to providing a safe workplace environment for our workers and subcontractors. Our managers and supervisors are working to manage and supervise the policy. This requires all personnel working under or for Teck Construction to share this responsibility. Our operating practice will be enabled with a clear and concise plan. Our Policy is as follows:

1.     Provide all personnel training as required.

2.     Conduct hazard assessments and inspections daily to find, assess and correct any
unsafe acts, conditions, or equipment.

3.     Properly use and maintain tools, equipment, and facilities.

4.     Have a safe and efficient working environment.

It is Teck Construction’s responsibility to provide safety regulations, practices, and policies as well as the necessary tools/equipment. We expect all personnel under our umbrella to “Understand and Know”. Failure to comply with these policies will be cause for disciplinary action, which may include suspension, dismissal or contract cancellation.

Management Personnel are responsible for the health and safety of the employees and providing safe working conditions. Management shall promote and support the Teck Construction LLP Occupational Health and Safety Program and ensure all employees are informed of expectations regarding health and safety. All management personnel are accountable for their decisions, actions and results. Management personnel are also responsible and accountable for providing safety instruction to all new and reassigned employees before assigning their duties and enforcing those safe work procedures and regulations. Management personnel shall ensure regular inspection of practices and conditions and prompt corrective action to eliminate hazards.

Supervisors are responsible for the project set up, maintaining appropriate staffing levels and ensuring that the utilities are sufficient for the workers to perform their duties. Supervisors are responsible and accountable for providing safety instruction to all new and reassigned employees before assigning their duties and enforcing safe work procedures and regulations and shall ensure workers adhere to the terms in the safety program and applicable legislation. Supervisors shall ensure regular inspections of practices and conditions in the area of their control and prompt corrective action to eliminate hazards. Supervisors shall also set a good example by following all safety regulations and by promoting all safety activities addressed in the safety program.

Workers shall observe all safety rules and regulations and conduct themselves in a manner that does not endanger the well-being of themselves or others, or cause property damage. Workers shall report all accidents and injuries immediately and are encouraged to submit recommendations for improved safety measures.

Contractors shall provide their own appropriate safety equipment where required by WorkSafeBC and shall provide for their own WorkSafeBC coverage.

Visitors shall comply with the company safety rules while they are on our construction sites.

The company Occupational Health and Safety Program is designed in the best interests of all personnel, contractors, visitors, and customers. The company believes accident prevention and efficient production go hand-in-hand and, accordingly, insists on dedicated participation in its requirements.

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